SUPERrare . Collect these animated works on the blockchain.  An amazing mix of everything blobled into one.


New Phenomenon and art medium: Crypto-Art.  Artworks can be traded and sold digitally, with ownership recorded on an online ledger known as the (blockchain).  This is a brand new cutting edge movement in art, and allows participants to buy and sell digital artwork with a simple device such as their cell phones.  Blockchain group start-ups have exploded in the past few years, and the market of art is no exception: with many new and old artists hitting the scene.  I am one of the pioneering artists of blockchain technology.  I have created my own tokens, where you can collect my work with the symbol ARTx.


Shanghai 2018-2019

Shanghai, China is an amazing futuristic city which is still caught in the throws of the past.  It has experienced extreme growth in the past decade, and the city has changed dramatically.  These paintings are created in response to my living and breathing in China for the past two years.  They are a collection of paintings, sketches, photography and portraits that try to represent the new found youth of China.  Portraits of the Shanghainese is an ongoing project.  A portrait is worth a thousand words, and like documentary photography we can begin to understand this amazing culture through the lens of its subjects.  A book is available.

#stantheman 2019 in progress

I created this project in response to the passing of Stan Lee.  As an artist, we shouldn't disallow this mythology onto our society.  R.I.P Excelsior 

Paintings @ 2004-2017

My young work involved seriously studying painting, composition and heroes in themes.  I loved painting and dramatically recreated portraiture on a grand scale.  Painting is a driving force in my soul, capturing meaning and purpose.  Here I recreated master works with grand themes, comically to prove that painting like this could still be created.  I use humor to convey a serious message in most of my compositions.  Humor gives us the space to understand ourselves in a better way.  To laugh at our faults, our human condition and hopefully to change something one day.  These are explorative, immature works painted with the finess of a master painter and true love of the medium.  This adds another layer of complexity to the ambiguity and absurdity of it all.

Miami Inspired Comic  2015

Available through ComicXology

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